WOTC Adventure Series

The Story So Far

Our adventuring party consists of a Dwarven Cleric of Kord, named Adrick, an Elven Rogue named Landra, a Warforged Fighter called Edge, and an Eladrin Warlock named Sariel. We managed to defeat the cultists trying to bring Orcus in the world through the Shadowfell Keep. Since then we have journeyed on to the Thunderspire and have been working to solve a number of mysteries and to break up a ring of slavers. We are now trying to take down a group of demon worshiping gnolls, but in order to enter their stronghold we must prove ourselves worthy.

The stronghold was, along with much of the Labyrinth, built by minotaurs. We must prove ourselves to their god to be allowed access to the inner portion of the temple.



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